Paroles de Almost 18 par Sofia Frozza

Almost 18 par Sofia Frozza

When I was a kid, nobody cared about my age
And now I know me too
I’m kind of useless, kind of boring
And now I’m going to college
Not even knowing if it’s right
Study and breathe
My mom worries, my dad worries

Almost, almost 18

My face is strange
And I am so annoying
And there are strangers asking about my age
I don’t want to see what’s in your pants

Almost almost 18

I want to be an actress
I want to make music
No, I want to make cakes
I’m in love with someone
I think differently from everyone, and nobody cares about me

Excuse me have you lost your virginity?

Almost almost 18

  • Titre la chanson : Almost 18
  • Par : Sofia Frozza
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