Paroles de Feel In Love Again par Tracii Roxx (lyrics)

Feel In Love Again _ Tracii Roxx

You don’t know what I feel for you
But I look and say the truth
I feel like flooting in the sky
Baby this love makes me blind

I know that I said I did not love again
But is hard not fall in love with you oh, yeah

Just hearing you voice
My heart goes beyond
I just live your game
And I feel in love again
Your innocence illuds me
But I not afreid
I just live your game
And I feel in love again
Feel in love again

Now that you know what I feel
I stop and think, there’s nothing new
I can’t fly again
I don’t longer feel the same

  • Titre la chanson : Feel In Love Again
  • Par : Tracii Roxx
  • Hashtags populaires : #Feel #Love

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