Paroles de Hypernova par Silence Lies Fear (lyrics)

Hypernova — Silence Lies Fear

Giving us empty hope
Building lies on our lives
Holographic grid
Of beautiful worlds
An equal sequence
A buried place

We’re dying one by one
The blasts of dying hypernova
Created a mass collapse
The core of a massive star
In gravitational collapse
Brings the black hole death

Nuclear emissions
Towards the poles
Bring destruction of all life on earth
The sins of science
And dreams of immortality

Standing on the ruins of earth
Bright flashes of light
Blind the eyes
I saw how the world was collapsing
Saw the war between people and machines

The place we called home
Now turned into dust
Space energy emissions
Electromagnetic spectrum
Turns everything into dust
Cold winds brings the last days on earth

  • Titre la chanson : Hypernova
  • Par : Silence Lies Fear
  • Hashtags populaires : #Hypernova

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