Paroles de I Live For This Shit par Hammercult (lyrics)

I Live For This Shit _ Hammercult

I see their faces in the streets
Hiding their smiles behind a mask
Who gives a shit what people think?
That’s who I am and how it stays

Take all you can
Give nothing back

I’ll die a thousand times before I’II bow
A bandit on the road, my time is now
No fear, no regrets, no second chance
I’m living the life of a warrior

Got no money or possessions
For heavy metal outweighs gold
This is the life I have chosen
One day my story will be told

Got nothing to lose
And I don’t give a fuck
This is the life I choose
I don’t believe in luck

I live for the shit
The filth and the fury
The sound of the crowd
Enlightens my heart and my soul

  • Titre la chanson : I Live For This Shit
  • Par : Hammercult
  • Hashtags populaires : #Live #Shit

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