Paroles de Queen Of The Seven Seas par Ruins Of Elysium (lyrics)

Queen Of The Seven Seas _ Ruins Of Elysium

Oh God of storms, forgive me
As I sail through the night
Waves on the reefs, my compass is
The lighthouse, my coral light

Marco Polo heirs, let your hopes take flight
Exploring the realms of my pirate dreams
Welcome to the land of dragons and the monkey king
Between Suzhou’s channels I found my peace

They say a pirate’s dream is to find adventures, treasures and gold
I’ve heard stories of the silk road
Can you point me the right way?

Amphitrite came to me and sang a sad song in my ear
She said that my love was waiting for me
She made me dream of your face every night and every dawn
So this sad song turned to my bliss
As the wind delivered me your kiss

For me the ocean is only a drop
Stars are sand, hold my hand
Unearth it all

  • Titre la chanson : Queen Of The Seven Seas
  • Par : Ruins Of Elysium
  • Hashtags populaires : #Queen #Seas

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