Paroles de Rise of the Hammer par Hammercult (lyrics)

Rise of the Hammer – Hammercult

Like a whirlwind reaping disaster
Crushing skulls with my fists
Heed the storm, voice of the master
Calling to arms

Trumpets roar, brimstone and fire
Smashing bones into dust
Banners high, burning desire
Bonded by blood

Hail, hail
Spreading violence
Sing the chants of war
Pledged in fire
The hammer returns

For the oath we have sworn
By the gods and the throne
As we march into dawn
Rise of the hammer

Sound the charge, trample on corpses
Severed heads on a tole
See them run, fleeing the hunter
There’s no remorse

Mangled flesh torn into pieces
Tastes the hammer of war
Praise to thee, king and destroyer
Conquer them all

Hear the thundering roar
Like never before
Hail the hammer of war
Rise of the Hammer

  • Titre la chanson : Rise of the Hammer
  • Par : Hammercult
  • Hashtags populaires : #Rise #Hammer

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