Paroles de Satisfied par Bob Seger (lyrics)

Satisfied _ Bob Seger

I need some wisdom
I need some truth
I need some beauty
I need some proof

And in the meantime
I need a place to hide
If I had you babe I’d be satisfied

Went to the ocean
Stood in the surf
I felt the water
I felt the earth
I head the angels
They couldn’t be denied
If I had you babe
I’d be satisfied

Who’s gonna beleive me
I’m a broken down dog
But I can still snarl with the best
The train is leavin
We can catch it if we run
We can leave it all behind
This utter emptiness

You are the reason
That I was born
You are the answer
I’m lookin for
All of the others
Just stood around and lied
If I had you babe
I’d be satisfied

Ooooh yeah
Awwwh yeah

  • Titre la chanson : Satisfied
  • Par : Bob Seger
  • Hashtags populaires : #Satisfied

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