Paroles de Tomorrow par Bob Seger (lyrics)

Tomorrow par Bob Seger

They say the Sun
Is gonna grow someday
It’s gonna get a real close
And burn us all up
No more traffic in the street
No more road rage
No more pretending
Things are real tough

I cant promise you tomorrow
No one has the right to lie
You can beg and steal and borrow
It won’t save you from the sky

Let me see a show of hands
Tell me the truth now
What happens if
Nuetrinos have mass
I can’t tell you about tomorrow
I’m as lost as yesterday
In between your joy and sorrow
I suggest you have your say
Here’s to the little things
The sports section
The weather Chanel
A good battery

  • Titre la chanson : Tomorrow
  • Par : Bob Seger
  • Hashtags populaires : #Tomorrow

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