Paroles de ​Where do We Go When There’s Nothing Left? par Phora

​Where do We Go When There’s Nothing Left? — Phora

I know that you miss me but you got too much pride
Nothing I hate more than not bein’ lied to
Ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh
Nothing’s too late

Shit ain’t been the same since you left me here
I think about you but memories ain’t never clear
Your voice is hazy, miss you like crazy, wish you could hear
My pleadin’ thoughts for your happiness, when you ain’t there
My mind’s clouded with these thoughts of you
Wish I could go back, wish I could stop, wish I could talk to you
I bleed from the inside, sometimes I hear these voices in the wind cry
Broken wings on all these butterflies as they zip by
So much went down but they stay strong and they still fly
Even when I lose hope, I fight on and I still try
I have all these feelings and emotions that I can’t hide
We both made mistakes but I just hope you don’t resent mine (look)
Shit that I contemplated
Neglegin’ conversations
Thoughts that the devil would encourage
Things that God would sanction
Lost and I can’t escape it
Thoughts when I get complacent
Those memories of times that we talked then I can’t erase it
And when I run from my past, I just seem to see it more (I just seem to see it more)
I’m tired of lookin’ at people’s faces and seein’ yours (And seein’ yours)
The small reminders that you left me with, you ain’t here no more
They make me question existence and what I’m livin’ for (What I’m livin’ for)
I got some issues and my vices to cope with
Used to smoke away my traumas, I need medical dosage
For these scars, because your absence is so easy to notice
It’s a prison here, without you I just go through the motions, look
I laugh to brighten up my darkest days
All alone now, I act like I’m strong but I’m still afraid
The saddest poem that I’ve written, time to flip the page
‘Cause nothing’s been the same since the day you passed away

For anyone who’s ever lost someone
Rest in peace (Rest in peace)
You’re not comin’
Don’t worry my brother, cryin’
Ooh-ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh
Nothing’s too late

  • Titre la chanson : ​Where do We Go When There’s Nothing Left?
  • Par : Phora
  • Hashtags populaires : #Left

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