Paroles de All Around The World par The Jam (lyrics)

All Around The World — The Jam

All over the country
(We want a new direction)
I said all over this land
(We need a reaction)
Well there should be a youth explosion
(Inflate creation)
But something we can command

What’s the point in saying destroy
I want a new life for everywhere

We want a direction
(All over the country)
I want a direction
(All over this land)
Because this is your last chance

You can’t dismiss what is gone before
But there’s foundations for us to explore

I said?
All around the world I’ve been looking for new?

Youth explosion!

A new direction?
We want a reaction?
Inflate creation?

  • Titre la chanson : All Around The World
  • Par : The Jam
  • Hashtags populaires : #World

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