Paroles de Altar Of Pain par Hammercult (lyrics)

Altar Of Pain _ Hammercult

Into the fray, they’ve sent us to die
As if we were soldiers of clay
The seeds of my doubt, refusing to die
But how could my country betray?
Fall on your knees, pray to your God
But he’s nowhere to be found
Thousands were slain, and few have survived
Leaving their friends on the ground

Sworn by hate
Hail of fire

Spiral flames haul again
Scorching flesh gone insane
Taste the blood, bullets rain
Tortured soul, blessed be the altar of pain

Frozen with fear, faceless and torn
Trapped from the world that I know
A shell of myself, the man that I was
Have died on the day to atone
I live with this pain, it can’t be denied
But there’s nowhere to hide
The altar of pain, still sacred to those
Who worship the deaf and the blind

On my knees, tell me God
Why? Why?

  • Titre la chanson : Altar Of Pain
  • Par : Hammercult
  • Hashtags populaires : #Altar #Pain

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