Paroles de Anubis par Anubis (lyrics)

Anubis _ Anubis

Thousands of years ago at old Egypt
Lived a God with a jackal’s head
He was mediator between the earth and sky
He was Anubis the dead’s God

Master of funeral rites, casts the spell
Fulfiled the archetype of the mummies from Osiris
Leading the dead to the other side
And guardian of their graves

Feared by absence of the emotion
As well for the severity of his judgment
No one escapes from his sentinces
Anubis waits for your soul

Solo (Renato Costa)

In judgment dead asseverated his virtues
Pronounce himself innocent from the sins
And a follower of the gods desires
Then Anubis join the accused heart
Disposing on balance facing the matt pen
Symbols of the true and justice
To determinate his verdict
Salvation or eternal punishment

  • Titre la chanson : Anubis
  • Par : Anubis
  • Hashtags populaires : #Anubis

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