Paroles de Apocalypse 1993 par Ulver (lyrics)

Apocalypse 1993 par Ulver

A goat’s on the scene
With a song of fallen tears
The story’s unfolding
Ezekiel, Chapter 9
The word of King David
Shall bring you paradise
Just don’t leave the mountain
For all will be revealed
The brides of the Lamb
The secrets of the Seven Seals

Who is this man they follow
Into the eternal?
Killing old and young
Leave the family alone
Twenty-three holy children

I’m sorry some of you guys got shot
But, uh, hey, God will have to sort that out, won’t he?

They’re outside in the garden
Playing with guns
The kingdom of the fall
Coming soon at the crack of doom
The first and the last
Light of the world
Shines for those who
Remain in the house
Dying for what they believe
Dying for you and me
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  • Titre la chanson : Apocalypse 1993
  • Par : Ulver
  • Hashtags populaires : #Apocalypse

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