Paroles de Betty Jo Marshall par Connie Francis (lyrics)

Betty Jo Marshall _ Connie Francis

Betty Jo Marshall goes to work from nine to five
Betty Jo Marshall wears a ring she had to buy
Ev’ry evenin’ on the other side of town
Betty Jo Marshall becomes Lucinda Brown

Betty Jo Marshall was a hometown beauty queen
Kissed her mama, then she left to chase her dream
She wrote home about the good life ev’ry day
Town folks all figured Betty Jo was on her way

Now time and trouble took the fire out of her eyes
Beauty faded every time she compromised
Cocktail parties stole the rose out of her cheek
And left a common face of ninety bucks a week

And there were no fur jackets on a secretary’s pay
Betty Jo knew she’d have to go back home someday
How could she face up to those she left behind
And all those letters full of lies that she had signed

Clothes and money were the least she could expect
And pay was good down at the local discotheque
Name and address just in case the man comes round
New York City and my name’s Lucinda Brown

So Betty Jo Marshall sacrificed her high ideals
On a cross of pain Lucinda Brown conceals
Did she dare give up her job from nine to five
And if she did how long would Lucy Brown survive

Now Betty Jo Marshall made the papers yesterday
Go go dancer found floatin’ in the bay
Local beauty will be brought back to home town
Betty Jo Marshall victim of Lucinda Brown
Betty Jo Marshall victim of Lucinda Brown

  • Titre la chanson : Betty Jo Marshall
  • Par : Connie Francis
  • Hashtags populaires : #Betty #Marshall

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