Paroles de Blackened Blade par Hammercult (lyrics)

Blackened Blade par Hammercult

More evil than thou

Hellbent my course to take more souls
So strong thy force, I hear her call

They call me the white wolf
Pale skull with crimson eyes

Rise, I’II rise again
Reborn into violence, I live for revenge
Die, die by the blade
A champion eternal, I’ll fight to the end of time

The demon’s kiss, a one eyed beast
Her thirst for blood, on souls she feasts
The final war, the end of days
Empires fall, a world in flames

Blackened Blade

Eating through your wretched soul
Sailor on the seas of fate
Into the end of time
You’ll be the death of me

Die, the albino
Your body b too weak, your soul now is mine
Life, for the taking
I feel her cold breath consuming my heart


  • Titre la chanson : Blackened Blade
  • Par : Hammercult
  • Hashtags populaires : #Blackened #Blade

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