Paroles de Buck par Luke De-Sciscio (lyrics)

Buck – Luke De-Sciscio

Get back to the hill
They’re enclosing
Cold winds blow
And you will not be safe in your departure
Lay your head upon the carpet
You will still find your love
But it won’t be on this cold day

Get back to your thrill
Answers will rain from the heavens
Sent me back to warn you this there
No way to lead my body up into your rafters by the head
Leave only what you do not need
I will be over in the van
There’s someone after you
It’s punching from the sideline
And it feels a lot like mine my
Reflection is on to me

Grant me vision
Give me into what I live for this
My body answers no one
I’ve been hanging on to coincidences
This is where I will get off
I know we’re somewhere ‘cos the birds are all picking up
So a love foray in you that suffer lay my body down
It was cooking in the back of my mind
Back of my mind
Back in vision please you save me
Let me into your sinner
Oh love, you lost me when you answered only your ego
You heard the words before they came through
That was where you left me at the park
Intelligent but you overthink these things when you should just feel your heart
It beats still don’t deny it baby you were crying before her
There is no answer to be derived from your incessant acceptance of failure
It is your will
It is your will
It is your will
It is your will
Whatever you are saying
That is what you will become

  • Titre la chanson : Buck
  • Par : Luke De-Sciscio
  • Hashtags populaires : #Buck

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