Paroles de Burning Face par Callamity (lyrics)

Burning Face — Callamity

Drifting paranoia
Crawling from within
Everything bothers
Too old for this shit

I used to manage the anger but now I let it flows
Better don’t stay on my way, when flames starts to grow

My burning face! (Strikes anytime)
My burning face! (I’m sick of this)
My burning face! (It’s let me down)
My burning face! (Can’t take this shit)

Boiling in fury
Useless advices
Lack of comprehension
No, I’m not fine

The rage now explodes, spilling everywhere
Even on the ones I care, who wasn’t there

  • Titre la chanson : Burning Face
  • Par : Callamity
  • Hashtags populaires : #Burning #Face

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