Paroles de Choppas On Choppas (feat. NLE Choppa) par Action Pack AP

Choppas On Choppas (feat. NLE Choppa) – Action Pack AP

Might pop me a Perc’, feelin’ like Durk
Nigga run up on me, I’ma put him in a hearse
All blue Benjis like Papa Smurf
And your bitch she a freak, always wanna flirt
Yeah, I’m bringing her home, she giving me dome
After she done, I’m blocking her phone
She sayin’ I’m wrong, ho, leave me alone
Know I’m a dog, I just want a bone

Pull up on you, what it do with it
Bullets stick to your skin, like glue in it
Shots went to your house, nigga, who did it?
Try banging to see who who with it
.22 called like a nigga got the flu with it
In a party deuce, deuce and the shoe with it
Shots through your brain, through your fitted
Sippin’ on Henny, fuckin’ up my kidneys

If it’s smoking the herb we gon’ blow at it
Tell my pharmacy, bitch, I need more yellow
Runnin’ through bitches like Barry Sanders
I can’t get off these pills need to do better
I got them choppas with Choppa
We spend on your block and we wipin’ your nose
If robbin’ don’t pay off gone call up the plug
And tell ’em hoes

I got the power like Curtis
Yeah the Maybach it came with curtains
I’m not lackin’ ’cause I know they lurkin’
Know these hoes they goin’ for sho, sho
Can’t shop at the mall off a show tho’
Then I go and fuck up on yo’ hoe
When bullets start flying that like oh no
If the backend ain’t cleared I’m a no show

Fell up in the club with the gang, gang
Reach for my chain, gon’ bang, bang
You know that I keep me a Drac’ thang
Run up and I’ma let that bitch sang
I belong in the stall, bitch I’m the shit
Hire a robber, you fuck with the lick
Bitches see choppa and run to the dick
Pull out the camera let’s make us a flick
Pillow talking, don’t do that
Nigga took yo’ strap, go get it back
All hunnids, yeah them blue racks
Dissin’ on the gram we don’t get into that
We pull up on the murder, put him on a shirt
Pick out a casket, put him in the dirt
Only the family, feeling like Durk
We smoking the OG, don’t fuck with the purp

And we smokin’ on gas
Hit it from the back
I was smackin’ on her ass, ya’ dig
And a Glock hold 30, I’m patiently waiting
Gon’ blow yo’ shit back, ya’ dig?
I ain’t gotta cap about shit
Nigga knowin’ that we havin’ these racks ya’ dig?
Everything I say facts, ya’ dig, ya’ dig, ya’ dig

Fuckin’ on yo’ thot, I’mma make the whole world back bend
Back then I was broke, everybody was laughing
Slide on the opps, who will knock them niggas all off
Soon as she hit the door, told that bitch take her draws off
I’m not a season lil’ bitch ain’t gon’ fall off
If I up the stick, I’m tryna kill all y’all
The barrel was long, I got a sawed off
If I ain’t have the bag, gon’ be your whole jaw

Pop my shit ya’ dig
Pop my shit ya’ dig
No, I can’t wife the bitch
Only one night the bitch

Pop my shit ya’ dig
Pop my shit ya’ dig
No, I can’t wife the bitch
Only one night the bitch

Ya’ dig, ya’ dig, ya’ dig
Ya’ dig, ya’ dig, ya’ dig
Ya’ dig, ya’ dig, ya’ dig
Ya’ dig, ya’ dig, ya’ dig

  • Titre la chanson : Choppas On Choppas (feat. NLE Choppa)
  • Par : Action Pack AP
  • Hashtags populaires : #Choppas #Choppas #feat #NLE #Choppa

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