Paroles de Clean par Cripper (lyrics)

Clean par Cripper

Losing, living, losing grip
Feeling, taking, feel like shit
I came here with nothing
But leaving now means leaving everything behind

I’ve pushed you farther than you’d go
I’m not your lover
Not your enemy
Why would you push all the buttons, open any door?
And what I wish for
Is you wide awake
But you feel like rain in my head
Brainwash me clean

See, hate is no surprise
We fought everything we could
Synchronized our intentions
Until we lost what we had found

Remind me why I wanted this job
Because I’m starting to forget
Don’t say no, say okay
As if saying so will make it so

Oh, well
That’s good
I’m alright
And it’s getting even better now
Who wanted those silly flowers in the backyard? And what about this « we » thing anyway?

  • Titre la chanson : Clean
  • Par : Cripper
  • Hashtags populaires : #Clean

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