Paroles de Crystal par Sleaze RoXxX

Crystal par Sleaze RoXxX

It’s more than just a dream
You and me – perfect couple
It seems to be extreme

Out of my heart – to feel your body
Out of my soul – my life is all about
Out of my heart – my soul is bleeding
I’m outta my mind
When I don’t hold you in my hands

All day – I dream about you Crystal
All night – with you, I cannot sleep
Nowadays – I want to give my life to you
My love will never blow away

Out of my heart – feel my heartbeat
Out of my soul – hit me to the ground
Out of my heart – take my feelings
Out of soul – stolen, lost and found

You’re my source of passion
The meaning of my life
Cure for depression
I’m insane
I knock at the gates of hell

I dwell in the past – star of yesteryear
There’s no way out I see it crystal clear
The sky’s overcast, and you know it’s true
It’s not about you It’s not about you
It’s about me
Just about me
All about me

  • Titre la chanson : Crystal
  • Par : Sleaze RoXxX
  • Hashtags populaires : #Crystal

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