Paroles de Facing The Creator par Silence Lies Fear (lyrics)

Facing The Creator — Silence Lies Fear

Large flow of energy
And the bright lights
We are the ones
Who will destroy you

Total destruction
Is the price for your lies
You brought to masses
And never regret
Never turned back your face

You are the ones
Who did not know the real price
Of human life
Waisting your priceless time
Standing on your knees
You prayed for nothing

We will find the right form of life
We destroy the barriers
That were created to lie

That separated you from reality
And you will feel the pain
And enlightenment will come
But it will be too late

Dividing the earth
That not belong to you
You are the traitors
Enslavement of the human race

You destroy each other
By creating weapons
Of mass destruction
So who you really are
Strange creatures
That kill each other

Watching for this endless
Human stream
It was hard to believe
That each of these creatures
Has immortal soul
Like shadows
They circle around us
Decaying alive
Praying in silent fear
To stop them
But I am so weak to stop it
And beauty in their falling
Is the price for their sins

  • Titre la chanson : Facing The Creator
  • Par : Silence Lies Fear
  • Hashtags populaires : #Facing #Creator

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