Paroles de Falling Of par Shak Stzy

Falling Of par Shak Stzy

I don’t wanna-
Don’t wanna be alone

Bitch, fuck love, it’s fucked up
I got feelings but they locked up
Till sundown when they wake up
And they walk out
When they wake up and they walk out

Feel some type of way
Baby, tell me, is this heartbreak?
Baby, tell me, why my heart ache?

Woah, woah, woah
She trippin’ and she calling up my
Phone, phone, phone
Girl, when you gonna learn
To leave my heart alone
Baby, I don’t want no more
When you tell me every time
That you want me every night

So I’m falling off
Girl, you know your loving is not enough
I don’t know what changed
But it fucking up everything, baby
Everything that I ever did
And everything we ever lit

Turn it all to lust
Baby stole my heart
And tell me that she lock it up
Coming back to tell me
That its all for love
But your love is nothing
So I forget everything I had
Everything we ever lived

Oh, no, baby, I’m so low
Life was perfect with another
But now I’m solo
Take me to another place
When we love so slow
But now I’m gon’ roam and I’m all alone

You know that I just be a phone call away
When you be telling me bout heartbreak
Yeah my heart ache now I be sippin’ on some Henny
Listening to hot takes when all this love break
What will I do for the pain shit
You got me sippin on Cîroc I tell you that I love you
But you say your love is out of stock sippin Jack Dan
Cause I know I am what I am
Bitch, I am what I am, you say damn you a fan

  • Titre la chanson : Falling Of
  • Par : Shak Stzy
  • Hashtags populaires : #Falling

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