Paroles de Finding Out par Bob Seger (lyrics)

Finding Out — Bob Seger

Well I’m finding out about us
How we give in to the obvious
While the heroes see the hill and rush
I’m finding out about us

I can see the will in every blade of grass
Clinging to a mountain side
I have no idea why some fade while others last
Some of us won’t even try
But if we reach too far and we look too deep
Our time will pass us by

So I’m finding out about us
All the feelings we avoid and trust
All the things we do so we won’t rust
I’m finding about us

If you put me in a boat in the middle of the sea
That’s where I will come alive
But if you put me in a city full of everything I need
I’m not sure I will survive
And I don’t know how and I don’t know when your solace will arrive

But I’m finding out about us
How we run off when it all goes bust
Or we hang on and we readjust
I’m finding out about us
I’m finding out about us

  • Titre la chanson : Finding Out
  • Par : Bob Seger
  • Hashtags populaires : #Finding

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