Paroles de Foreign Affair par Praying Mantis

Foreign Affair _ Praying Mantis

Recalling the days we spent together
I’ve been dreaming of ways to get closer to you
I imagined those rays would shine on forever
But on that last day the Sun kissed the sea
Did you forget about me

Anticipating each move that you make
But you’re hesitating it’s so hard to take
‘Cause you’re not here
It’s driving me crazy
Seeing pictures of you with somebody new in your arms
It was hard to let go I thought I had lost you completely
Then the phone rang last night it was you
You whispered these words out the blue

I’m anticipating each move that you make
But you’re hesitating it’s too hard to fake
I want you I miss you my feelings lay bare
If I’m not mistaken I know we both care
We can’t let go ’cause we are too strong together
The bond that we made all those years ago will never die
Are we fooling around with our hearts
Is it too late to make a new start
Shall we venture again to the past and make every memory last

We can’t let go ’cause you’re not here
You whisper these words, out of the blue, how could you

We’re anticipating each move that we make
But we’re hesitating there’s too much at stake
There’s no mistaking we both really care
So we’re not forsaking this foreign affair
We can’t let go

  • Titre la chanson : Foreign Affair
  • Par : Praying Mantis
  • Hashtags populaires : #Foreign #Affair

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