Paroles de Freestyle-freesmilebb par Mod Sun

Freestyle-freesmilebb _ Mod Sun

Gotta go all the way the fuck out this year
All the way the fuck out this year
Straight to the top, let them know I’m here
Oh you headed to the top? Yeah, way up there
I could barely pay my lights now I got a chandelier
Never listen to the people saying life’s not fair
Shit, I don’t even let them get close to my air
All my energy became my peers, aye
All my energy became my peers, oh
Said I had a vision, really had a vision
Know this shit was written from the beginning
Now I’m really about to go and make a pivot
Yup, that’s right, I did it from the start to the finish
I could do this in my sleep, on the track, I’m dreaming
Had to make a difference, had to change the way I’m living
Had to show my parents as a kid I wasn’t kidding
I’m feeling so terrific, should’ve been on my birth certificate
I make this music for the kids, tryna get their mind right
Look what time’s like, get that sad shit up off my timeline
Top 5, dead or alive, you cannot stop my shine
You can try but I’ma be alright
Yeah let’s take em way back to the place that I came from Minnesota
Where the air the coldest
Everybody told me I was hopeless and they were right
I got no hope, I notice, I could be the dopest
I could be the one to bring the picture back in focus
I could write an Opus, I could a locust
I could be the one to conquer all those that control us
Fuck everything they told us, I could be the boldest
I could be the one who
I could be the one that never quit till I get the world to notice
Or the one that disappears so quick

Everybody on their back from the gutter
Some look up to the stars
Don’t know why we lie to each other
Instead of in each other’s arms
Try to shoot em’ down with a peace sign
Bounce back twice as hard
Now we gotta fight em with three eyes
Maybe third time’s a charm
Oh we back? Alright

Hocus pocus, thought I was bogus
Till they saw me rap on Power 106
Freestyle so sick thought that I wrote it
My mouth open, they was like, « Oh shit »
Get ’em on the phone, find out if his soul is
On the market for a platinum and golden
That’s when [?] picked up the phone and told them
I thought you got a big enough signing bonus
Know this flow is, priceless
Wouldn’t trade it for an iced up wrist
Homie, all that really tell you is the time it is
Homie, all that I can tell you is that I’m timeless
Every time the clock tick I get more legit
Not talkin’ ’bout the big hand
So just imagine what I can do it in a minute
D-d-damn, I don’t get it, what’d you do
I’ll admit it, I just put on a clinic
Of how to eat a beat without a gimmick
How to rap about the life you really living
How to get in front of cameras and critics
And really spit a verse that wasn’t written
But you forgive it ’cause I been in that position
Used to practice in my kitchen for the one that I be sittin’ next to
Had the beat in the morning, NYC
Turn five fingers of death and left two fingers peace
And I’m cool

This that incense lit, 1970 shit
You finna feel me baby
We gonna give them something to talk about Jack

I just had a flashback to when they all laughed at
Every single track that I dropped, but I never stopped
May have took a loss, but I never been afraid to pay the cost
Never been afraid to break laws, I’m my own boss
That should be obvious, yup so obvious
Try to copy my songs, get straight knocked off
I’m just tryna help ’cause I know y’all lost
It’s a God damn shame that this beat cut off

  • Titre la chanson : Freestyle-freesmilebb
  • Par : Mod Sun
  • Hashtags populaires : #Freestylefreesmilebb

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