Paroles de Gone Like The Wind par Connie Francis (lyrics)

Gone Like The Wind – Connie Francis

Gone are the days when daddy and mama took me walkin’
Gone are the times people spent the day together talkin’
These are the days of speedy jets and systematic ways of pickin’ friends
No time for helpin’ hands that’s gone like the wind
La, da, da, la, da, da
La, da, da, la, da,da

Centuries ago the same little flowers were a growin’
And ev’ry little seed grew into the same beautiful blossom
But in the hearts of the people today no flowers grow within
That silly seed of care they say is gone like the wind

I’m whatever I can be
And I’m proud of where I came from me
I wanted to show in me
That I care about someone

If I become ashamed of the tree of life and love from which I came
May I feel so ashamed when I remember how the flower grows unchanged
And in these days of speedy jets and systematic ways of pickin’ friends
May I be that helpin’ hand that’s been gone like the wind

  • Titre la chanson : Gone Like The Wind
  • Par : Connie Francis
  • Hashtags populaires : #Wind

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