Paroles de He Beeped When He Should Have Bopped par Dizzy Gillespie (lyrics)

He Beeped When He Should Have Bopped _ Dizzy Gillespie

There was a guy who had some brand new tricks
Played his horn whit some crazy licks
The thing that made him such a flop
Was He beeped when he shoulda bopped

This cat would get up right up on the
Stand, but he couldn’t seem to dig the band
Though he was the cream of the crop
But he beped when he shoulda boped

All the cats would gather around to see what he was tryin’ to aprove
But everyone could plainly see that
He was draggin’ them outa the groove
At last the leader turned around

And said: Listen Pops!, you better stop
Oh, there you go, you did it again!
You just beeped when you shoulda bopped

  • Titre la chanson : He Beeped When He Should Have Bopped
  • Par : Dizzy Gillespie
  • Hashtags populaires : #Beeped #Bopped

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