Paroles de In Furore Iustissimae Irae par Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

In Furore Iustissimae Irae _ Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

In the fury of most righteous wrath
You, of divine nature, show great strength
When able to punish me, the guilty one
You are lenient towards the crime (I committed)

Most pious father of compassion
Spare me, weary suffering sinner
Oh, sweetest Jesus

Then my weeping will become happy
While for you my heart weakens
Let me cry
Dear Jesus
And my happy tears will keep warm my heart


  • Titre la chanson : In Furore Iustissimae Irae
  • Par : Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
  • Hashtags populaires : #Furore #Iustissimae #Irae

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