Paroles de Ladies of Anime Cypher par HalaCG (lyrics)

Ladies of Anime Cypher par HalaCG

[Sailorurlove (Uraraka)]
At first glance, I’m used to being underestimated
But I know I’ve got a chance to make it
I’m doing this for the right things
Need to see my family thrives
So I’m putting in time to give them the life they deserve
So watch me rise
I’ve got gravity on my side
Taking a chance, give it time
You’re gonna know my name

[Savvy Hyuga (Mikasa)]
I took the survey, they all say bad bitch
And the way that I slay is savage
Know I’m capping every biting titan
Ain’t no captain, but I come through fighting
This is for the human race and my bae
Something like a yandere with these blades
Ackerman’s known to kill with that taste
No way you can clone my skill that just hate, wait
Grew from my trauma, I ain’t cry about it
Not with the drama, better check ya pocket
If you gotta problem, just shut it, you’re toxic
Your place is the bottom, that’s common logic
6 pack abs, waifu’s jacked
Mikasa, best girl and that’s no cap
Step back, my strength and appeal is maxed
You ain’t ’bout to trade a whole meal for a little snack

[Sophia Dere (Elizabeth)]
I might be modest, but I’m powerful
Actual rust knight to goddess from the capital, magical
Let there be light, spread my wings and take flight
This is all fun and games until your gaze takes in my orange eye
Heal what I can, I got the backs of my friends and my man
Memories feel like I’m Diane, I could be shrunk down, but nah, even then
I’ll protect the ones I care for, flower blossom, feel the air warm
It might be new to me, but soon, you’ll see the strength within, I’m reborn

[Ironmouse (Nezuko)]
I’m a demon, don’t test me, be glad I’m seeing a friendly
Be flow like water breathing, brother’s weaving waves around the enemies
Pop out the box like Jack, yeah I literally got your back, don’t snack
Sleep for days, don’t train but badass
Kick your head off like a football, that’s no cap
Self control’s difficult, but I won’t fall back
Like twelve moons, you’re gone soon, yeah you did this to me
With a Monsoon and a monster, are you worried, ’cause you should be
It’s a foot to the face and invading your space
Yeah, I won’t let you try to decide in their fates
I protect them, come at me, I won’t ever break
You don’t want to be near when I’m starting to wake

[ThighHighSenpai (Nami)]
Nami, I’m back for the proceeds
Foggy, I’m making a smokescreen
Vivre card, I make it rain on the homies
Happiness punch and I give ’em nosebleed
Hey, now you owe me
Clima-tact reacy to activate
We on the seas, yeah I navigate
Target on lock, time to calibrate
Step to my tempo, I blow like a hand grenade
Belli for the crew, yeah we plunder
Striking ’em like Zeus, bring the thunder
Map out the world and I make this my goal
‘Cause the grand line is packed full of wonder
I send you under like you are Arlong
Blasting you into the sky like you’re Armstrong
Call me a thief, I pickpocket like Catwoman
So when you notice me, then I’ll be far gone

[HalaCG (Yumeko)]
Let’s raise the stakes, only got one chance to play me
Break me, but I’m in love with the pain, see
You can degrade me, honey
But I end up with the ace and money
So I’ll ask you right now, bridge or blackjack or a round
You tell me whatever, I’m down, profound
The risks, amiss, go on, read my lips
You’ll lose it all quick as you slip
Now bet
Sweat on your brow, met a foul debt
Hey, come on, bow to me, house pet
Yeah, I’ll allow for it, all the nostalgia with crowned threat
Never a loss and no card up my sleeve
No game of tarot can force me to leave
Play me at poker, play me at speed
Ya won’t find no Joker, only the queen

[Cami-Cat (Maki)]
A rose called by another name will smell just as sweet
Just as a bitch, no matter what their name, falls before me in defeat
Maki Oze here to slay, save the day, make ’em pay
Far away from what you expect of a lady
Got that physique of making men weak
They’ll believe everything I am is magic, baby
Engulfing any enemy flames
Reignite them and delight as they serve me
Just because I’d love a knight, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t show respect
He should bow to the witch queen
Click click, iron owls end you quick
Fire spirits so slick, my combat puts you in a pit
I may be romantic, play some antics
But when seeing someone break the law, I rise against it

[FrivolousShara (Winry)]
What’s a loss when a win’s here?
Building up the exter- to the inter-
Back you up with hard drive, a prodigal archive
Just know that I’m always on your side
I’m the support, your crutch, I’ll be your right hand
The left leg you stand on, the one to depend
I don’t fight fair with a wrench
I’ll use it for offense and use in defense
Hands for creating, not killing
If I get the feeling there’s danger, I’m willing
With cold, shaking hands, emotion is chilling
In life or death, still an empath, distilling
Engineering otaku
The riveter, I got you
Rosie cheeks and calloused palms
You are what I call home

[GarbageGothic (Emma)]
Things were looking kinda hopeless
As I’d grow up, now I started to notice
Show this world what we do when we focus
Blow this place up if I have to know it
Yeah, we’re a team, me and the boys
Sure that we’ll leave, free with a ploy
Destroying all I love, do you enjoy it?
Toy with us kids, you’ll be left unemployed, quit
No monsters anywhere
Will ever catch us, ’cause I swear
I won’t stop caring for my family
Won’t stop daring, so beware
Us children are clever and together we can
Outwit you and your greed with better plans
I believe in these smiles, forever have
We can build our own Promised Neverland

[Chi-Chi (Sailor Moon)]
Paving the way for a whole generation
Saving the day through a new transformation
Now, evils going down
Reeling the Moon’s power, power
Prism power, power
Don’t try and tell me it’s not worth the fight
With love beside us, we will make the world right now
Won’t let you down
You’ll feel the Moon’s power, power
Prism power, power

  • Titre la chanson : Ladies of Anime Cypher
  • Par : HalaCG
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