Paroles de Lemonade par The Buttertones

Lemonade par The Buttertones

She’s sweet and she’s not concentrated
I can’t think straight
She’s looking my way
Looking my way

I get sick and my hands start to shake when she says my name
Looking my way (looking my way)
I’m losing
Weak in my knees

She’s cold and sour like a tall glass of
Lemonade on that hot summer day
That tight dress, I must confess
She fucks with my head

I try to speak but I’m all tongue and cheek
And she walks away
Think of something to say
Before it’s too late

If I had her, I’d be complete
But I gotta be something that, she needs
Make her heart scream

She never gives me a sign, she just takes her time
Oh baby please, replenish my mind
And be my tall glass of lemonade on that hot summer day

Oh that tight skirt, she makes me hurt

What can I say?

  • Titre la chanson : Lemonade
  • Par : The Buttertones
  • Hashtags populaires : #Lemonade

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