Paroles de Mistress Mistress par Sabïre (lyrics)

Mistress Mistress — Sabïre

Mistress, mistress
Harbinger of Pain
I want to feel your whip tonight
I know you feel the same
There is nothing
That you won’t make me do
Begging, I am on my knees
I give myself to you

Mistress, mistress
I’ve waited all day
Running to you like a pup
I’ve come to you to play
Leash me up just like a dog
And force me to obey
Fetch the stick, lie down, roll over
Play dead, sit, and stay

Lady of the Chain
Woman in leather
Driving me insane
There is only you
Take my masochistic dreams
And make them come true

Mistress, mistress
What do you ask of me?
Always I’m your faithful slave
Forever I shall be
No matter how I try and please
It’s never enough
You know how I like my loving
Painful and rough

Mistress, mistress
No one else knows
Blending right into the masses
In our normal clothes
But, when no one else can see
It’s a different tale to tell
Leather, bindings, whips and chains
My heaven is your hell

I want you so, baby
All you need is me
I can’t believe it, baby
What you take from me

  • Titre la chanson : Mistress Mistress
  • Par : Sabïre
  • Hashtags populaires : #Mistress #Mistress

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