Paroles de Never Forget par The Unity

Never Forget – The Unity

Whenever you are down again
And need a friend – a shoulder to lean on
Just look in the mirror and face it
You’ll find everything you need in you

Cause brother there’s a fire inside
A flame that needs a spark to burn up to heaven
Don’t wait any longer to make it true

Don’t lock yourself in a gutter
Don’t nail your dreams to the ground
Head up and take your crown!

Never forget where you’re from
What made you wiser and strong
In the root of your soul – we’ll find what we’re heading for
Never forget what you are
Stand for your wounds and your scars
There’ll be failures and goals – but hold on forevermore

And if you’re feeling lost again
You’re stucked and damned and nowhere else to run
Remember your legends, you heroes
And how they always made it through the rain

You’re on the road again, your masterplan, your way
Why don’t you make it?
And one day you’re a legend of your own kind

  • Titre la chanson : Never Forget
  • Par : The Unity
  • Hashtags populaires : #Forget

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