Paroles de Paruza par Paruza

Paruza par Paruza

The ghosts lift themselves up to the celestial palace
While down here the war still blinds
Nobody escapes unhurt on the sinners judgment
They’re all angel or demons, chaff or wheat

Extermination of the sinner!
Purification of the Earth!
All the spirits are looking for peace, but the doors
Take them to hell!

The time has come!
Save yourself!
The big cloud will swallow you!
Spirits in flames! The elect rise!
Hell descends! The temple falls!

Paruza! Paruza! Paruza!

The ghosts lift themselves up to the celestial palace
But the doors are closed? Invitation of the flames!
The fire washes millenniums of sin
The extinction of the human race it’s the end!

This is the time! This is the age!
Your soul searches for your grave
I know you’ll never be anything other than ashes
Don’t remember all your sins and all the torment will cover you!
Born dead we live imprisoned with our curse
And We infest the Earth!

We infest the Earth! Go to paradise! Fire upon the Earth!

  • Titre la chanson : Paruza
  • Par : Paruza
  • Hashtags populaires : #Paruza

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