Paroles de Patronized par Cripper

Patronized — Cripper

A new chapter of my selfishness
Another lie on the top of my list
I see you, but won’t satisfy your needs
Every bit I will provide is only serving me
And you say
Oh, my darling, is this all you have to give?
Or is there anything I don’t understand?

Give me something else that’s broken
Something I can repair
Give me something else that’s broken
I need a pain for the nature of my cure

It’s my birthright
Damn right!
Yes, I lay it on the line!
The finger on the button is mine

You’re craving for my sympathy
Turns the seed of remorse
Into a jungle of guilt

And so
Since you’re the up-and-coming light of my life
You take what you’re given, and you better be nice

I’m just a man
I am an act of God
I am your mother
I’m a child
You are a feeder
The original sin

I do not justify myself
And I never act
Like I am someone else
We are the epitome of this universes randomness

Can’t you see we are indifferent?
Whoever makes people like you, makes people like me

  • Titre la chanson : Patronized
  • Par : Cripper
  • Hashtags populaires : #Patronized

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