Paroles de [Play V] LEONIDAS par WayV (lyrics)

[Play V] LEONIDAS par WayV

Maybe I’m damaged
But babe I’m a savage
Come through with the crew
You know that you knew
You in it so crazy we flexin’
Three hundred’s all we need
Lion who lives in me
The spirit of a prodigy
Life of a legacy
Living supremacy

In a battle we go, go
(Yeah we glow, yeah we glow)
So hot we on a roll
(eobs-eo, eobs-eo)
No joke, yeah, we going slow mo’
Kicking with the bass go
Drippin’ with that combo
King with a Sparta
King Leonidas boutta drop

Killing with no mercy
Said I’m crazy yeah
Frontin’ now we’re winners
Say it back to you haters
Burning through the bodies
Live off the worst
Losing in a go
You know you like it, yeah
Feeling like I’m blessed
Clean up your mess
Livin’ the life
We the boss
A lion knows the jungle
Man now follow close

  • Titre la chanson : [Play V] LEONIDAS
  • Par : WayV
  • Hashtags populaires : #Play #LEONIDAS

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