Paroles de Prison of Despair par The Mask Of Tyrant (lyrics)

Prison of Despair par The Mask Of Tyrant

My mental state is below my feet
I don’t believe there is a cure for me
I’m being sucked by disbelief
Just another day fighting myself

The medicines don’t help me at all
My memory continually fails
Breathing causes excruciating pain
This prison of despair is fucking killing me

This time alone
No one to blame
I fight for me
And death awaits

I’m almost dead
In this (bloody) fucking prison of despair

I just want to get out of here

I feel scared by my delusions
Demons touch my soul with hate
I know I don’t make it out alive
At least I’ll leave a sign for you to see

  • Titre la chanson : Prison of Despair
  • Par : The Mask Of Tyrant
  • Hashtags populaires : #Prison #Despair

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