Paroles de Psycho par Heyoon Jeong

Psycho — Heyoon Jeong

Hey, yeah
Hmmm, ha

Who the hell you think you are?
Comin’in to break my heart, make it like an operation
But I ain’t one of your patients
Could’ve least waited and I don’t play the game

uri jinjja byeolladae geunyang naega neoma joahae
neon geugeol neomu jal algo nal jwirakpyeorakae nado machangajiingeol
urin cham byeollago isanghan

So tell me what’s the cure for you
The cure for you)
Boy you make so confused

You got me feeling like a psycho, psycho
seoro joa jungneun babo babo
Without you got me dizzy and upset, got me so obsessed with you
ihaega an gandae utgyido antae

  • Titre la chanson : Psycho
  • Par : Heyoon Jeong
  • Hashtags populaires : #Psycho

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