Paroles de Quest Of The Noble par No Hand Path

Quest Of The Noble — No Hand Path

The Empress stood since the beginning
Her grown-old beauty was always the same
She reigned a kingdom of destruction
And fed herself with people’s pain

Hiding the truth from the eye of man
Created slaves to serve her vanity
Her table was always full of goods
But everyone else lived in poverty

For ages were the mortals blind
Their minds were blank, belonged to her
Her precious cause was their lives to bind
Under her horrid spells of deceiving care

One bright day on a spring time
The noble knights came
In search of the Empress
To set things right again

They found her on the tower
And slayed her where she stood
Her cry was heard in the whole land
But no one mourned on her tomb

She died wearing her favourite white dress
Sinking in a sea of blood
The knights stood up tall and yelled
Two thousand years was enough

  • Titre la chanson : Quest Of The Noble
  • Par : No Hand Path
  • Hashtags populaires : #Quest #Noble

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