Paroles de Rld par Istasha (lyrics)

Rld _ Istasha

I want to see a red light
No salvage wanted
Don’t want your damage to none
I’m gone away
I watch it dead to rights
No way out

Black tar play doe
Tarmac pavement
Part time hobo
In place on nostromo

Slipping down the step stone
Partial as your statements
Faceless septum
On charcoal angels

Strip it down to bones
In pride
Inside just like silent tone
No ring
But strain
Never pluck
No Hertz
Just stuck mane
Inside of duct tape

Flogging horses twisting silent
Trial torsion
Always stick inside them
Wall of
Post it mortem

Sleep inside a chapel
Run and hide when bitches get got
The Taste of terpentine and mercury is distant
And knots are tied on dreary arms
No battieres to carry on
Imbalance in material
Severe is when they fuck it up

I dont recognize
Turn away all deciet or signs

  • Titre la chanson : Rld
  • Par : Istasha
  • Hashtags populaires : #Rld

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