Paroles de Saturday Night Circle Pit Fight par Hammercult (lyrics)

Saturday Night Circle Pit Fight par Hammercult

Human tornado spinning with might
Swirling disaster burning the night
Bodies are clashing, better prepare
Sweat pours like water, fists with the air

Going insane, brothers are moshjng tonight
A ritual of pain, power and sonic delight

Can I get a hell yeah
Can I get an alright
Let me see some action
Forget the rat race
You’re in the right place
Saturday night circle pit fight

No mosh pit? No stage dive?
You got to be fucking kidding me?
Posing a boycott? No fucking way
You better fuck off, get ready to pay

  • Titre la chanson : Saturday Night Circle Pit Fight
  • Par : Hammercult
  • Hashtags populaires : #Saturday #Night #Circle #Pit #Fight

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