Paroles de See The Sun Again par Vanilla Bay (lyrics)

See The Sun Again par Vanilla Bay

I used to walk alone
With all those nightmares in my head
Listening so many voices
People telling who I am

My brother told me it’s alright
Just be yourself I’m by your side
So much pressure
I can feel there’s something beautiful inside

You don’t need to hide what you’re thinking in
You just need to climb, see the Sun again
Friends will hold you tight, if a storm gets close
Just don’t give this up

Don’t tell me what they’re thinking about it
Now I can see those lights around me
I’m ready to unfold what’s inside me
‘Cause I’m free to love my way

  • Titre la chanson : See The Sun Again
  • Par : Vanilla Bay
  • Hashtags populaires : #Sun

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