Paroles de Shadowman par Devil Electric (lyrics)

Shadowman par Devil Electric

I am the black coat figure
In the night that you all fear
I’ve been around so long
That I know that you’re all here

Feel my skin, my scales
My nails running down your spine
I won’t feel your presence
But I know that you feel mine

I am the bright-eyed figure
In the dark that you all see
The story’s of old
And new seem to speak me

Through dust and shadow
My voice will bury him
For once the dormant
Begins to ride within

Crawlin’ through the hollows
Neither is no stopping
You may think I’m long forgotten
But these bright eyes are always watchin’

I am the earthly creature
Of the book that you fall to
It’s not you that’s come for me
It’s me that haunts you

  • Titre la chanson : Shadowman
  • Par : Devil Electric
  • Hashtags populaires : #Shadowman

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