Paroles de Spoils Of War par Hammercult (lyrics)

Spoils Of War _ Hammercult

Forged in the fires of the fascists
Born of violence, built for war
True believer with a death wish
Terrorizer, hate galore

Into sorrow I’ve awakened
Arcane darkness pound by law
I will die to see them broken
Propaganda nevermore

Authority of lairs, spitting in your face
Money rules the world and your rights have been sold

Mourn barren land
Smile as you’re burning
Gold in my hands
Blood is the price of war
Spoils of war

I’ve reborn into salvation
Nihilistic and obscure
We’re the arch-fiend of the bastards
All for one and one for all

Authority of liars, spit back in their face
Freedom can’t be sold, let tyrants be dethroned

  • Titre la chanson : Spoils Of War
  • Par : Hammercult
  • Hashtags populaires : #Spoils #War

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