Paroles de Stick’ Em par Fat Boys

Stick’ Em – Fat Boys

Yo hook my mic up please, make- Kurt- make the bass come out so clear
(C’mon!) Please, I’m asking you, KB

Yeah, ready?

Fat Boys!

Brrr, Stick ’em!

When fresh beats and rhymes collide
The result is a hop and the Fat Boys ’bout to get ready for this
We keep it up, no slack
You guessed it: The Fat Boys are back

With Prince

And Kool Rock

And The Human Beat Box one time in your mind

Amazing to the eye, devastating to the ear
And if you’ve never seen him, you’ll wonder where
His beats come from: Machine or man?
He’s also cutting up cause he’s in command

Now, my name is Markie Dee and I’m on the go
And due to miscalculations, I’ma let you know
That I’m the prince of rap, the king of hip-hop
And when my mouth starts to moving, I will not stop
Cause I’m all the way live, with so much juice
So check out the Prince as I start to get loose
Capital P, bad as can be, can’t no other MC mess with me
Because I travel to places where MCs are mean
Where their eyes turn red and their tongues turn green
Some of them fat and some quite lean
But they all step back when I’m on the scene
Because I make ’em, break ’em, wake up, or shake ’em
Slap icing on the top and sure enough bake ’em
‘Bout to grease the pan, I got the juice the girls
That five-foot-eight with natural curls
And Kool Rock, Kool Rock-Ski, I heard you’re in the place to be

Kool Rock-Ski, as you can see
Master of disaster, the chief of the East
And when I’m on the mic I’m making ninja vibes
Hip-hop often, I’m qualified
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold
Bolder than bad, I’m badder than bold
I’m on the microphone, take complete control
With The Human Beat Box on the side of me
Guaranteed to rock the rhythm, make you move your feet
I’m like that, y’all, I’m like this, y’all
And when I fire my revolver I never miss

  • Titre la chanson : Stick’ Em
  • Par : Fat Boys
  • Hashtags populaires : #Stick

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