Paroles de Stop Sparkling (feat. Benny Alexander) par GuiAz

Stop Sparkling (feat. Benny Alexander) — GuiAz

You can’t find me
Well that’s normal
You can’t find me
I’m metaphorical
Read my lines
They’re free
Need no licensing
Let them guide you deep down my sanity

You can’t type me
Codified system
You can’t blame me for your age
That’s why you can’t see it clear like a crystal
Read my lines
And you’ll see
It’ll make sense eventually
No resentment from me, dude
It’s absurd but true

I wonder who we are now
What am I looking at?
We’re giving up on us
I know hiatus sucks
Makes it all weird and sad
We need no remedy
We need faith and commitment

I can’t handle it I swear
It’s killing me suffocating me with air
‘Cause I do know that you do care
So what’s wrong in here?
Is it only me?
I’m not that chick that waits respectfully
I’m gasoline baby
You need to stop sparkling
Por todos os joguinhos que apostei – desculpa
Por todas as mentiras que contei – desculpa
Por todas as mazelas que endossei – me ajuda
Que todas as fagulhas se apaguem e sumam
Por cada reação exagerada que eu tenho
Por não valorizar o teu melhor desempenho
Por entregar defesa, ataque e tratado de paz
Desculpa por cada desculpa
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  • Titre la chanson : Stop Sparkling (feat. Benny Alexander)
  • Par : GuiAz
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