Paroles de Stranger par JEV Band

Stranger par JEV Band

Run back into the dark
Nothing all the clear or bright
Come like a flame of fire

When I’m living on procastinating time
Because I’m just run to you
When I’m living on back in time
I’m just waiting for you
Post autumnalis gimme insane

On tread of the thin line
Then realized the cure
Into the eyes of stranger
Mythical purpose of love
Into the eyes of stranger
Something I might have known
Into the eyes of stranger

I’d mistrudon the judgment tight
Bearing mind you left behind
Master , master I’m here
Mustn’t grumble
It’s a matter a time
Children of the night
Dragged me out instead

  • Titre la chanson : Stranger
  • Par : JEV Band
  • Hashtags populaires : #Stranger

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