Paroles de The Return par Silence Lies Fear (lyrics)

The Return — Silence Lies Fear

When we come to this world
We’re alone we have no home
And the only one who cares
It’s mother who us in her hands

Then she gives us our home
And we start to grow strong
We grow up and forget
Of our eternal debt

The only one who really cares
The only one who will never regret
Bringing me to this world

Time has passed now we’re far
And we start to leave behind
All the memories of who we are

But she is always near
Always watching over me
Through the distance
Of many miles

In the end I will return
To place where I belong
To place where I belong

We’ll be facing everything
On our way to unknown
But whatever happens next
In the end we’re coming home

Don’t forget where you come from
Don’t forget where you come from
Mother I will return
Mother I will return

  • Titre la chanson : The Return
  • Par : Silence Lies Fear
  • Hashtags populaires : #Return

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