Paroles de The Well par The Hempsteadys

The Well _ The Hempsteadys

You had the spokes of your bike flanked with baseball cards
Running from the streetlights to your momma’s yard
Stay to the end, die as friends
Die Young! Die Young, we sang

‘Till the well run dry
Stay until the well runs dry

I always thought it would end by now
We’re on borrowed time and don’t want out
There’d be theft of our youth, planned escape routes
I’ll take the north – and I’ll take the south
We can meet on a deathbed rendezvous
It’s a blood pack oath we never knew
We just grabbed fate, we just couldn’t lose
I’m going down with the ship – and we are too!

  • Titre la chanson : The Well
  • Par : The Hempsteadys
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