Paroles de Tigress & Tweed par Andra Day

Tigress & Tweed — Andra Day

Say say say
Say say say
Say a prayer for me
Strange fruit come down off that tree
Cut it down under your feet
Juicy fruit so bitter sweet
Fruit stand tall these roots go deep
Strange fruit bussin on these thieves
Ancestors don’t take defeat
Left the scent of victory
In the air tigress and tweed

You carry it
I’m tired
Grin and bear it
The truth of it is you carry the
Future you and your chariots
But I been rallying the troops
Chariots aflame in line behind my Masi coupe
Damu at these roots
It’s thick too, made big fruit, big vibes
Always pressin that line
So full of Love and Light
The Truth is black and white

Say a prayer for me
‘Cause I don’t get no sleep
Say say say
Say say say
Say a prayer
Prayer for me

  • Titre la chanson : Tigress & Tweed
  • Par : Andra Day
  • Hashtags populaires : #Tigress #Tweed

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