Paroles de Tonight At Noon par The Jam (lyrics)

Tonight At Noon – The Jam

Tonight at noon, tonight at noon
When we meet in the midnight hour
I will bring you night flowers (coloured)
Like your eyes

Tonight at noon, I’ll touch your hand
Held for a moment amongst strangers
Amongst the dripping trees
Country girl

Walking in city squares in winter rain
Walking down muddy lanes or empty streets
Arranging a time and place to meet
Tonight at noon, you’ll feel my warmth
You’ll feel my body inside you
We’ll be together for hours

Time and tears
Won’t wait for evermore
For the time is now
And now is the time to explore
Why waste the world outside

  • Titre la chanson : Tonight At Noon
  • Par : The Jam
  • Hashtags populaires : #Tonight #Noon

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